Example for metaprogramming in ruby with define_method
Example for metaprogramming in ruby with define_method

Automagical Properties in Ruby

A word I often see mentioned in Ruby documentations and question boards is the word “automagical”. On the surface, it really does seem like Ruby has automagical variables and methods. However, there is a lot that Ruby does behind the scene, and metaprogramming is the key behind this automagical association.

Defining Metaprogramming

There are various definitions floating around the Internet that try to explain what metaprogramming is. Here are a few:

You’ve got mail!

And that brings my inbox to a total of 4,381 unread emails. Am I going to open these? Nope. Should I open them? Probably. However, the reality is that I am going to leave it in my inbox until it gets buried by another newsletter or brand email. Why do I do this, you may ask? Why, that is the modern lifestyle: you are subscribed to so many brands that anything you don’t care for, it will be a spam and remain in our inbox dungeon.


We receive tens or hundreds of emails from brands in our…

Coding is difficult. — Everybody

I agree with that statement 100%. However, looking at the rapid rate of our technological advancement, coding is the future. It seems like a lot of parents share my sentiment as well, because coding is now an extracurricular activity that many children do. Although I am not a parent right now, I will take note and add coding class tuition to my list of expense titled: money-I-don’t-know-when-I-will-get-back-but-they-are-for-the-kids-so-here-take-my-money… Let us take a moment and thank our parents for raising us.

Case Brief


Live events are fun! They are bright, energetic, and, in the case of the 70’s, filled with lighters. The thrill of attending live events hasn’t changed, but technology certainly has. Instead of raising lighters up into the air and risking finger burns, we now hold up our phones and risk battery emergencies.

Case Brief

That is the essence of KrowdX. It is an interactive app that turns smartphones in the stadium into a synchronized visual light show. …

Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

I don’t know. I don’t collect them. In fact, I have zero knowledge on vinyl records other than knowing you have to play them on this thing that spins with a needle touching the discs. (It is called a turntable I have learned…) However, I was suddenly given the task of building an e-commerce website for vinyl records in 14 days. Typical UX design situation. And so I started asking the question along with my Something Vinyl dream team.

Sandra To

UX Designer & Web Developer based in Vancouver, BC. Avid learner of interesting knowledge.

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